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Booking made easy with our BOOK. Shipper can log in through our mobile app and request for Truck with the details of Loads and its related particulars.

Our platform will facilitate to send the details of Shipment to the identified Trucker/Truck intermediate as this tool is integrated with our Turbo (A market Place platform). Trucker can use this as an order and arrange for pickup using our POP.

Electronic Truck Way Bill can be generated with a touch of button through BOOK.

  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Delivery address can be modified and added later
  • Route mapping can be chosen by the shipper
  • System generated pickup and drop details, driver's contact details, start and end time
  • Trip History can be provided at any time
  • Business intelligence platform can be effectively used with fewer human intervention
  • Vehicle and shipment tracking made easy
  • E-Truck Way Bill