TURBO Engine - A Logistics platform

Developed by Pictruc LLC.

Technology is disrupting every sector. All industries have started embracing technologies to move forward. Today is the era of online services. E-commerce is changing people’s lives and the traditional / conventional way of doing things. This brings the biggest advantage of cost savings to the end consumers. Logistics / transportation industries are not exempted from this race. The advantage of this online dynamic pricing or Market place platform is that it connects the shippers and transporters to transact their business seamlessly. The transaction through Market place would be at the lower freight for the shipper and provide high returns to transporters. This is achieved by way of more visibility of trucks to the shippers and more availability of loads to the transporters through the digital connect platform developed by Pictruc LLC is called Turbo.

The input from the shipper connected to Turbo will be giving shipping details viz. Material, capacity, truck model, and destination. The input from the transporters will be the available model, capacity, preferred destination and also their rate. Our Platform Turbo analyses these data input from both sides and gives the best and the most competitive rate to the shipper to take decisions based on their selection criteria. By this way, the conventional way of shippers signing the contract with the transporters will be written off. To the trucker’s advantage, there will be better visibility of loads, optimum usage of truck capacity, assured return or circular trips etc. To stay in the competitive eco systems, the shippers, Fleet owners, transport contactors and intermediates are becoming an integral part of our platform. Hence, Turbo becomes the best networking platform, which helps all stake holders for their smooth and systematic way of executing their function and reaping the benefits.

For a Shipper, turbo acts as a cost optimization tool (because of dynamic pricing model) and for transporters, it acts as revenue generation tool (because of more visibility of loads). Turbo brings more visibility of trucks and loads.This slowly fades away the role of intermediates in the logistics business. The fleet rate will be actual and determined by business stake holders without involving the overhead of intermediates. The option of instantaneous quotes for a vehicle makes it profitable and affordable for the truck-owners and shippers respectively.

This new Turbo networking model helps to get more visibility of new truckers, new customers, new opportunities available in the markets, which was not accessible because of intermediates. The Hiring of trucks by the shippers is very fast and also with better cost. Similarly, the more visibility of loads to truckers leads to better utilization of vehicles and hence more revenue to the truckers.

Turbo developed by Pictruc LLC a powerful engine creating a competitive stage for the service providers.

The advantage of signing up with PICTRUC is that we don’t act as truck aggregator, we carry goods too. We have different revenue models based on client requirements.

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