Dynamics in Logistics Industry

The Hallmark of the future is going to be “Innovations”. Technology is disrupting every sector and data is going to be the common language in the world. The big game changer in the industries is AI, AR, VR, Robotics, IOT, Block Chain and Chat bot. Millions of people currently are working around the world with these technologies to transform many industries and hence the human living. The technology is also reducing the job opportunities in the organised sectors, which seems to be a threat. However, on the flip side of it, we can use these technologies to bring the many unorganised sectors into organised one. More than 60% of the industries around the world are working in an unorganised way. It is a huge challenge and also opportunity to the young talents around the world to transform the unorganised sectors into organised. One such sector is Logistics. Even though this sector is a life line for all products and services around the globe, but it is a very much ignored sector and it’s managed by intermediates. Last few years have been a dream run for the Logistics sector and professionals in the industry have witnessed tremendous growth. Thanks to the technological advancements in the industry. Many investors came forward to invest in this industry and the professionals are demonstrating their talents by showcasing their platforms and products. This brought more transparency also transformations, which is need of the hour.The Human to Human interactions are coming down and self servicing is moving up. Industries / Whole sellers / Retailers are working towards reducing the shelf life of products, following the JIT (Just in Time) model. To implement this model, the Logistics need to be geared up and play a pivotal role right from raw material availability to the manufacturers and the finished product at the consumer’s hands. The Logistics industry is currently going through initial phase transformations by adopting and embracing the technological developments. Even though there is initial resistance from the shippers, truck owners, intermediates and Transport contractors, slowly they have started realising the value of the technology and are moving away from the conventional methods of working. Adapting to the technology can bring a new dimension to this industry and bring leaps and bounds of improved changes in operations.

What is Platform? It is nothing but Integration, Transformation, Visualization and Analysis of data. It is not a product by itself. The services, applications and solutions on the platform are the products. IT industries have looked at these problems as opportunity and built platform controlling transportation costs by introducing the “Market Place”, creating internal efficiencies, increasing visibility and securing transport capacity. These are currently the top motivators for investing in a Transport Management System. One of the contributing factors to the technological advancements of the industry is the mushrooming of tech-based start-ups across the country. Start-ups have taken several challenges faced by the professionals head-on and produced creative solutions that help cut down costs, save time and boost productivity.

We at Pictruc LLC, a tech enabled Logistics Company located at Chennai, with a team of professionals from different industry headed by sh. Srini Sundar, are working towards brining paradigm shift in the logistics industry not only in UAE but also around the world. We have developed a platform, which brings the benefits to all stake holders in the logistics domain. Our product Logis platform consists of Book, Driver, POP Track/Trace, POD, Cost and Analytics. We have also developed another unique product or engine Turbo, which acts as a digital broker to connect the availability of trucks / model / capacity at a dynamic pricing model to the shipper to ship their material to their desired destination at a cheaper cost. Turbo consists of a huge truck database. Besides, this platform also has advanced features like E-way bill, E-invoice. Logis platform shall support all the logistics functions comprehensively, which in turn brings more efficiency by reducing manufacturing to consuming cycles

The Logis developed by us is very flexible. It can get integrated and have a seamless communication with the existing IT infrastructure like SAP / ERP with Open API to pull and push data. Analytics module can be used as a business support system to ensure the data collected on KPI (key performance indicator) is Enriched and Embedded in business decision making process i.e. cognitive approach to take business decisions

In UAE, the Logistical barriers do not pertain to cost alone, but range from timeliness, visibility, reliability to transparency, which cover the entire gamut of activities performed in the logistics network. Logis platform is poised to leverage its knowledge and expertise in the sector to translate it into a healthy performance amidst all the market challenges. This platform helps to transform people associated with Logistics domain to move away from the conventional way the industry works. We have come out with an innovative pricing model as Pay per Use for each service with most cost-effective way - SaaS Model

Our target customers are large corporations, their entire Logistics operations and can be out sourced to us to manage end to end. Transport contactors, we can act as a digital broker to supply the truck at the affordable cost to manage their business. Fleet owners and intermediate – we may able to increase their truck usage by providing more business such as return load assurance, onward trips etc. We look forward to build a strong association with all stake holders and grow together.

For any quires please reach us out info@pictruc.ae